I would like to share with you our marketing plan for your  Real Estate or Personal Property.


  • Install sign
  • Take Photographs of your property
  • Give suggestions to help increase the marketability of your home
  • Prepare a property brief with photo of your property emphasizing desirable characteristics of the property
  • Install a lockbox on the property to aid in showing the property to prospective buyers
  • Enter property in our  AuctionZip service so the details of your property will be made available to prospective buyers and other salespeople
  • Send property handbills to other agents active in the area and discuss with some of them the benefits your property has to offer
  • Leave a supply of handbills at your home for visitors and showing agents
  • Prepare classified ads for your property
  • Schedule ad placement
  • Meet with you and discuss ways you can help marketing your property
  • Discuss your property with agents who visited it to find ways to enhance its marketability
  • Office agents will call likely prospects they are currently working with about your property
  • Send direct mailings to our mailing list
  • Prepare for and conduct open houses
  • Follow up on all calls to agents who use lockbox about interest of their buyers
  • Communicate weekly with you on our efforts and progress with your property
  • Advertise your property on the internet
  • Continue to make our best efforts to locate a buyer as well as internally evaluate  those efforts  until we are successful.



    If you have any questions about our marketing plan outline, please call me.


    Yours truly,  Harold Hicks   336-354-6986

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